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12012 fan community

12012 Fan Community
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Welcome to 12012kazuko, a community for the Japanese rock band, 12012 [イチニ-ゼロイチニ]. The name of the community, 12012kazuko, means exactly "12012 fans"--all fans are welcome here to discuss recent news, releases, and information, or share media, and etc. Please read the community's rules before joining/posting to the community!

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12012 (pronounced Ichi Ni-Zero Ichi Ni) was formed on May 1st, 2003 under the UNDER CODE PRODUCTIONS label with 宮脇渉 (Miyawaki Wataru) on vocals, 酒井洋明 (Sakai Hiroaki) & 須賀憂介 (Suga Yuusuke) on guitar, 塩谷朋之 (Enya Tomoyuki) on bass and 川内亨 (Kawauchi Tooru) on drums. The name of the band comes from the California penal code, which means "possession of a dangerous weapon". The band's concept focuses on "human madness and its private ego" in which Wataru uses his lyrics to tell a story. Their music style ranges to a variety of dark and agressive heavy rock to beautiful rock ballads and to more recently, upbeat and melodious hard rock.

宮脇渉 | Miyawaki Wataru
Position: Vocals
Date of Birth: July 23, 1980
Blood Type: B
Height / Weight: 167cm / 57kg
Previous Bands: OBJECT, Lubis Cadir (Kyouya)

酒井洋明 | Sakai Hiroaki
Position: Guitar
Date of Birth: June 25, 1982
Blood Type: B
Height / Weight: 183cm / 60kg
Previous Bands: Louisa (Aki), Cell*June (Acul), Killa

須賀憂介 | Suga Yuusuke
Position: Guitar
Date of Birth: June 9, 1980
Blood Type: A
Height / Weight: 174cm / 56kg
Previous Bands: Lubis Cadir

塩谷朋之 | Enya Tomoyuki
Position: Bass
Date of Birth: October 7, 1980
Blood Type: B
Height / Weight: 183cm / 58kg
Previous Bands: Mist of Rouge (Tomo)

川内亨 | Kawauchi Tooru
Position: Drums
Date of Birth: April 11, 1983
Blood Type: B
Height: 175cm / 56kg
Previous Bands: DictAtor (to-ru), growth, De'sert, Nejire

This community is for members only: all posts are automatically locked and can only be viewed by the members of this community. By joining the community, you agree to all the rules set below:

01. Be courteous to the band AND the fellow members of this community: this means no flaming or disrepecting whatsoever.

02. All posts must be related to 12012. Do not spam the community with advertisements and miscellaneous garble if they have nothing to do with the band.

03. Posting media (audio/video/scans/etc.) is allowed. However, if it isn't your rip/scan/etc., please remember to credit. Note: if you like what you hear/see, please support the band and buy their merchandise!

04. Posting of pictures, layouts, banners, icons and other graphics should be placed under an lj-cut.

05. Do not post fanfiction (there are other communities for that).

06. Do not post or leave comments that insult the band. You are free to express your opinion, but please be sensible. Remember: we are a community of fans that are here to support the band!

07. DO NOT take or repost the translations posted to this community unless stated otherwise. Since alot of time and effort goes into these translations made for this community, please ASK FOR PERMISSION TO USE and CREDIT the translator. If you are caught stealing, you will automatically be banned from this community.

08. You may post a sales advertisement exactly ONCE. If we see that you're reposting in the community with the same sales (aka SPAMMING), your post will be deleted.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the community or the band, please contact one of the maintainers of this community.

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