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22nd-Sep-2007 12:19 pm - icons
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11th-Jul-2007 09:21 pm - My day with 12012~
I got to take a picture with 12012 at AnimeNEXT. Super excited~
12012 pictureCollapse )
I got to the convention around 12pm, and walked around the dealer's room until 1, where I waited in line with my girlfriend. We talked to some people there, including this one really nice older lady who had a creepy kid. He wouldn't stop talking to us and saying random things, and then he'd continue looking through the curtains that were hiding 12012 away from the public. Kind of annoying, but it was worth it to sit next to the band. When I sat down, Wataru and Sakai were next to me while the rest of the band was in the back. Wataru said hello to me in his best english and I felt a huge smile come across my face. I said hi back, and then we sat down and took the picture. Afterwards, they all said thank you, and I ran away with glee as I took my new photo with the band home.

Lots of fun, this was an awesome birthday present. Last year I went to see Hyde in California, and I got to touch him. At least I got a pic with 12012 this time!
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